“A child is held in pledge by his `aqeeqah that is slaughtered on his behalf on the seventh day, the harm is removed from him (i.e. the head is shaved) and he is named.” Reported by Ahmad

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Aqiqah is a prophet of our beloved Prophet (saw) to mark the birth of a newborn baby. Performing Aqiqah is a way to express your heartfelt thanks to Allah (swt) for the blessing of your beautiful baby, and seek Allah’s protection and blessings. Aqiqah is performed by sacrificing a goat or sheep. Traditionally, the Sunnah of the prophet (saw) is that one animal is sacrificed upon the birth of a baby girl, and two animals are sacrificed for the birth of a baby boy. Carry out your Aqiqah with Children of Adam today, and we will honour your sacrifice in the best and quickest way possible.

Your Aqiqah meat will be distributed amongst impoverished communities in Africa and Pakistan, and may be the only meat they have eaten all year. In this way, your Aqiqah donation is helping to keep people nourished and healthy, while tackling hunger and poverty.


The life-changing work carried out by our team simply wouldn’t be possible without the fundraising efforts of you, our supporters.

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