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Abu Darda reported: The Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “Seek out the vulnerable for me, for you are only given provision and divine support due to your care for the vulnerable.” Source: Sunan Abī Dāwūd

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About Funding Futures

Without a long-term income or livelihood, escaping the claws of poverty is almost impossible. Living without a regular income leaves people and families unable to prepare effectively in their everyday lives, sometimes leaving them unable to afford even basic food. It also means that people are unable to save or invest, which makes it impossible to deal with last minute emergencies such as medical bills or home repairs. That’s why, at Children of Adam, we’re funding futures and helping families establish a long-term source of income. Each of our initiatives help families establish a small business, where they are able to earn a reliable, steady source of income. 

You can help uplift a vulnerable family by giving them the chance to develop a livelihood. Every source of income helps families to eat nutritious food every single day; for children to go to school, and for people to always be able to access the quality healthcare they need. Provide a family with milking goats, a rickshaw or a sewing machine with training. Families will earn an income, which they will use to provide for their families. Each initiative is scalable, which means the family can choose to invest their income and grow their business so that it truly thrives. Donate now to fund a future and help a vulnerable family break cycles of poverty.


The life-changing work carried out by our team simply wouldn’t be possible without the fundraising efforts of you, our supporters.

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