What do children of Adam do?

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Our Story

Children of Adam has one clear goal: to provide assistance and relief to those around the world, beginning with communities at home in the UK. We are committed to tackling global poverty and empowering families and societies to build futures free from poverty, hunger and deprivation. Our work began in the UK, working with the homeless community in Peterborough. We provided hot meals to those living on the streets, and grew increasingly alarmed at the extent of the need on the ground. Since then, we have provided over 60,000 food parcels, clothing and bedding among those most vulnerable across Peterborough.

Since then, our work has expanded to vulnerable communities around the world, distributing food and clothing; providing education, shelter, clean water and caring for some of the world’s most vulnerable and neglected children. We provide emergency aid to communities affected by war, natural disaster, drought and conflict, while also creating long-term programmes to build brighter futures and uplifting families. We believe that no donation is too small, and that every penny given in search of Allah’s mercy and acceptance will always bring goodness and reward, insha’Allah.

Making the World a Better Place

Our world is hurting and suffering in new ways every single day, and over the last decade we have witnessed unprecedented levels of human suffering, disasters, war and poverty. At Children of Adam, we keep our model simple – we develop solutions to poverty that are straightforward, honest and inclusive, getting to the heart of the key challenges. We work with small teams that are expert and qualified with a brilliant understanding of the local communities we’re working in.

We focus on making a big difference and long-lasting change. We’re working across all sectors and for all groups in society, while we seek to never leave anybody behind.



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Meals given out.

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Water Hand pumps built.

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Orphans Sponsored.

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Average Meals given each week.


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Supporting the homeless

So far, we have distributed over 60,000 food parcels, along with clothing and bedding to the homeless community around Peterborough

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Building Homes

We’re rebuilding homes for vulnerable families who have lost their homes in natural disaster and conflicts, or for those who live in poverty without a proper home

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Sponsoring widows & orphans

We’re sponsoring orphans and their widowed mothers to help ensure they can thrive in life. We are committed to ensuring all children have the best childhood possible

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Zakat & Sadaqah

Every single donation, whether it is Zakat, Sadaqah, Lillah or Qurbani, is taken very seriously. We work with Islamic scholars to ensure all donations are honoured in line with Islamic guidelines, and we deliver your donations as quickly and effectively as possible.

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Building Livelihoods

We believe in facilitating long-term change, and so we work to empower vulnerable families and communities to become self-sufficient. We support families in developing their own income for years to come, helping them to break cycles of poverty and deprivation.

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Clean Water

We are determined to make sure that everyone has access to clean drinking water. We’re building water hand pumps, deep water wells, bore holes and provide water through water tanks and bottles when necessary.



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