What we are doing to help families in Pakistan survive a harsh Winter

Published 2 November 2022  Article By Munir Bhimani

In Pakistan, there are millions of people living in extreme poverty, and many families and individuals are in need of support and assistance during winter, a time where the cold poses serious risks to the health and welfare of the poor, needy and vulnerable.

Winter in Pakistan

In the winter, there is often heavy snow, cold winds and dropping temperatures, and as a result of this, many families require provisions like food and heating resources to help them to get through the harsh and dangerously cold winter weather. Without these resources, they often struggle to get through winter in full health, or struggle to overcome the effects of living through a winter there, and many end up with the flu, a cold, or even pneumonia, which can be extremely detrimental to a person’s health.

How We Are Helping Families in Pakistan

Children of Adam are working to provide these provisions for the impoverished and vulnerable in Pakistan to give them the best chance of getting through the winter months, and with your help, this will be achievable, Insha’Allah.

We are working to provide families in Pakistan with resources during the winter months, including food like rice, flour, pasta and oil, as well as other dry foods that will keep them well fed and that will strengthen their immune systems to fight off any winter-illnesses.

We also provide thick blankets and clothes like gloves, scarfs, socks and hats, and heating resources like gas, wood and electricity to help families stay warm during the bitterly cold winter. These items are essential in supporting our brothers and sisters in Pakistan to combat the winter months with the best possible chances of survival and health.

How You Can Help Those in Pakistan

Please donate what you can to our winter appeal, as your donations will allow us to provide families in Pakistan with basic necessities including food, clothing, thick blankets, heating resources and shelter, all of which have immense and positive impacts on the recipients, as well as rewards for the giver.

The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said, ‘The believer’s shade on the Day of Resurrection will be his charity.’ (Tirmidhi)

For £20, an individual will be provided with a hat, scarf, gloves, socks and blanket, which greatly supports them during the harsh winter. Donate £20 here.

£30 will provide a family of 4-6 members with food, including pasta, oil, rice and flour, as well as other dry foods. Donate £30 here.

£50 will provide a family with heating in the form of gas, wood or electricity, which allows a household to get through the winter and stay warm. Donate £50 here.

£100 willprovide all the above provisions; food, clothes and heating to support a family in need. Donate £100 here.

Please donate to our winter appeal to provide those in Pakistan with the resources they need to make it through this winter. With your help, we will help our brothers and sisters in Pakistan to get through many winters to come, Insha’Allah.

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